ON Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Technician - Diffusion/Implant in South Portland, Maine

The Equipment Maintenance Technician will be responsible for multiple activities in support of manufacturing primarily maintenanceof semiconductor diffusion and epitaxy equipment and related support tools .

This position requires the individual to possess the ability to perform routine preventative maintenance procedures as well as troubleshoot and repair equipment used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. These repairs and procedures are performed in an environment where toxic gas, high voltage, and kinetic energy hazards exist. Repairs and maintenance must be performed in a timely and accurate manner so as to minimize the loss of availability to manufacturing.

This Technician will work, as part of a team, with operators, equipment engineers, and process engineers to identify problems and implement the solutions. The technician will apply knowledge of fundamental concepts and practices of electronics and microelectronics, as well as FDC (fault detection classification) control concepts, to maintain diffusion and epitaxy semiconductor equipment. The technician must have demonstrated mechanical aptitude; this is required to learn and perform required corrective and preventive maintenance tasks.

Technicians work in a cleanroom where the cleanliness of the surroundings must be maintained for the protection of the in-process wafers. Technicians will be expected to adhere to strict apparel regulations, employ 5S techniques and able to work in a clean room environment.

  • Mustbe available and able to work nights 12hr shifts, rotating 3-day on/3-day offschedule.

    Key Responsibilities:

  • Troubleshoot and repairelectromechanical systems that include servo motors and controllers,stepper motors and controllers, AC motors and controllers, and DC motorsand controllers.

  • Troubleshootand repair electro pneumatic systems that include solenoid valves, gatevalves, high vacuum isolation valves, and pneumatic logic circuits.

  • Workis performed within a clean room environment that requires the wearing ofa smock, hood, booties, latex/nitrile gloves and safety glasses.

  • Requiresthe use of airline respirator.

Requires occasional wearing of personal protective equipment including, but not limited to: aprons, gauntlets, and full face masks


  • Previous equipmentmaintenance background is preferred.

  • Basicmath skills and computer skills.

  • Strongmechanical aptitude

  • Experience maintaining andtroubleshooting the following equipment is helpful:

  • BTI Apogee furnaces

  • TEL Alpha 8S/8SE furnaces

  • ASM Epsilon Epi Reactors

  • Capableof standing for at least 75% of the time during any particular flight.

  • Capableof working with and around chemicals (safety training is provided).

  • Remainas shift flexible as possible as there exists the chance of being movedfrom the night flight to the day flight (or vice versa), also must be ableto work weekends as well as weekdays.

  • Capableof cross training (learning more than one job or operation) and multi tasking.

  • Organizationskills and the ability to prioritize one’s work.

  • Ableto lift up to 50lbs as a regular part of job duty


  • Associates degree inelectronic or electromechanical sciences or equivalent; or military electronicdegree.

Job: Technician

Title: Manufacturing Equipment Technician - Diffusion/Implant

Location: ME-South Portland

Requisition ID: 1801744

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