ON Semiconductor Senior R&D Engineer - GaN Device Applications in Oudenaarde, Belgium

ON Semiconductor is a leader in developing and manufacturing power semiconductor technologies such as MOSFETs and IGBTs, and is focusing significant R&D efforts on wide bandgap materials like GaN (Gallium Nitride). GaN technologies enable products converting power at significantly higher energy efficiency, much higher power density and reduced system cost by switching power at much higher frequencies, enabling new power system topologies (such as totem pole) and increased system integration.

Designing such power systems for best performance/cost ratio however comes with significant complexity, both at the level of the design of optimal GaN components as on their integration into various (soft- and hard- switch) power systems.

As senior GaN device-applications engineer in the technology R&D department, your main responsibility will be to help drive the development and deployment of new GaN technologies and devices by studying their usage in various applications. This is done both through device-system (TCAD-Spice) co-simulations as well as through building and characterizing state-of-the-art application building blocks and demonstrators.

Target applications are ranging from 100W to several kW, voltages from below 100V to over 650V, and with increasing switching frequencies from 100kHz to well above 1MHz. A variety of system topologies will be used for those.

You will be embedded in the R&D team in Belgium developing GaN technologies and devices, and will be part of a small team focusing on the design of GaN components in target systems, whereas your specific focus will be the applications side. You will interact and closely collaborate with the power business-unit and lead customers to support the deployment of GaN in applications, as well as to drive the internal GaN technology and device development for best performance, reliability and cost.

Your main responsibilities are: (final responsibility or as part of the broader team)

  • Study and knowledge building on the operation of GaN components in state-of-the-art and forward looking applications, especially aiming at highest efficiency and power-density at higher frequency: important aspects are signal integrity (at high dV/dt and dI/dt), reliability and robustness, thermal properties.

  • Develop, build, and operate diagnostic systems for ‘real life’ GaN component testing, benchmarking and component parameter extraction. Examples can be double-pulse test systems to assess switching, dynamic or reliability properties, short circuit testing etc.

  • Extensive ‘Virtual Prototyping’ simulation of the operation of GaN components in a variety of power system building blocks to support the above, and to drive improvements in GaN technology and device design.

  • Development or co-development of basic demonstrators, typically being a building block of larger systems (like Boost, PFC, DC-DC converters).

  • Close interaction and cooperation within the broader GaN ecosystem (packaging, driver design, system design, business-units and target customers) to support the successful deployment of GaN technology in customer products.

  • Future oriented R&D both internally as in collaboration with external research partners.

  • Masters or PhD degree in electronics or equivalent.

  • Highly self-motivated and committed professional, showing initiative and domain/team leadership.

  • High verbal & written communication/presentation skills in English.

  • Team-oriented, within a broad international multifunctional team context.

  • 5 years hands-on (preferably industry) experience in power electronics, for the power and voltage ranges described above.

  • Knowledge of recent advances (topologies, switching techniques) in this domain. Detailed understanding of all aspects of power conversion.

  • Skills in Spice simulation, analog design, PCB design, driving techniques.

  • Skills in operating measurement equipment and techniques related to power conversion.

  • Further plusses are: knowledge of state-of-the art magnetics, RF notions, GaN device physics, experience with EMI/EMC considerations..

Job: Engineering

Organization: 223 OU ON Semiconductor Belgium BVBA

Title: Senior R&D Engineer - GaN Device Applications

Location: BE-BE-Oudenaarde

Requisition ID: 1603626

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